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Cody Rhodes is Gay

And Im not mad at him. Honestly I am pro gay rights. I just dont like people acting in a way that isn't them. Dont get me wrong, I know wrestling is about acting... but that is something he shouldn't hide. Besides, young kids need positive adult gay role models to prove the steriotypes wrong.

Anyway, im not trying to diss the guy. I know he get's beat up in every show, he has a lisp almost as funny as Jack Swagger, and someone seems to have stolen his knee pads and his other elbo pad.

Ohh well, Cody, if you are reading this, speak up, we'll still be your fans.


- Rev D


Alright check this fag shit out. Cody Rhodes has a marking on his wrestling boots that he wears every week. It's a picture of three triangles touching to make a big triangle... Are you thinking yet... Yeah, it's the fuckin tri-force from the Legend of Zelda. Cody Rhodes thinks he's "Link". If that's not gay, I don't know what is. And that's the word.

notice-cody-rhodes-gay-boots cody-rhodes-gay-tri-force cody-rhodes-tri-force-boots


Ok, I have looked near and far far for proof of non-gayness in cody rhodes, and I might have found the only shread of tangible evidence in this world. I have found a picture depicting Cody Rhodes........ with a woman. Now we can only assume it's a woman, because the picture could have been photoshoped. Infact it could have at one time been a sheep, or any number of barn yard animals or whatever it is that fags hang out with. Anyway, I think the guy that photoshoped this pic sucked cause if I was gonna turn a sheep into a chick to prove to the world I wasn't gay I would at least make the sheep look like a hot chick, not a troll. Anyway, Cody Rhodes, if your reading this, Im not made at you, and I dont dislike you. But as an investigative reporter it is my duty to get to the bottom of this. Yes the world will one again be at peace when we know if cody rhodes is gay, and if he does have the tri-force.

Ever have a fag try to beat you up?



So what do you think? After stareing at her for about 5 minutes and not being paralized from the hair down, i've decided that perhaps this really is a woman. Perhaps she did something in a past life that she needs to atone for and that's why god made her look that way. Im not mad at her either, so dont think that. Im sure her and Cody Rhodes are the best of friends. I bet they go shopping together, and drink wine together.....

So let's reflect on how gay Cody Rhodes is.

#1. Cody Rhodes plucks his eyebrows.
#2. Cody Rhodes dyes his hair.
#3. Cody Rhodes tries to be the Video Game Hero "Link" from the Legend of Zelda.
#4. Cody Rhodes only wears one elbo pad and no knee pads. (Cause his knees are used to the floor)
#5. Cody Rhodes loves his skinny legs.
#6. Cody Rhodes gets beat up all the time.
#7. Cody Rhodes has a lisp... worse than Jack Swagger.
#8. Cody Rhodes has a fag hag.
#9. Cody Rhodes gets ass raped by Randy Orton.
#10. Cody Rhodes finisher is called "cross roads"! How the fuck gay is that??!!! Cross Roads? That's some Brittany Spears shit. ha ha ha ha ha ha....  Yeah, what a fag Cody Rhodes is.

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